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These Streets

Street Style Shoot with Romane Petiot. Location: Charoen Krung, Bangkok

Concept: Contrast

A casual walk around the block. Taking inspiration from her bright-yellow, oversized hoody.

In the beginning, I desaturated all colour apart from the yellow of the hoody. I've seen this color pop trend a lot in landscape photography of New York City, where the yellow taxis are the highlighted focal point of the image.

I wanted this collection to feel candid and anonymous. I avoided shooting her face straight on to give a more authentic observational feel and also because I didn't particularly like the look of a desaturated face in this context.

The overall theme is contrast. Contrast in colour, texture and emotion. By wearing this oversized apparel it's as if she's trying to hide herself. The colour though, is so vibrant it has the opposite effect. Naturally, I'm not drawn to black and white photography, although I can definitely appreciate this genre, especially in portraiture. In the selection process I found the images with other yellow aspects more interesting. I experimented and I liked the aesthetic of keeping all of the yellow aspects saturated, as if to signify some connection to her surroundings as she moves through the streets.

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