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5 key tips to ensure you SLAY your photoshoot!

Franki Soul

So you've booked your photoshoot, congratulations! You're about to have some bomb new photos for your social media page, website or maybe for your own personal feel-good collection! Of course you want a smooth and seamless, enjoyable experience that leaves you and the photographer beaming. We all know time is money on a shoot so you want to get it right the first time. Here are a few tips that will help you to slay on the day!

Preparation is key in making sure you get the best out of your shoot. If this is your first photoshoot, you may not know what to expect. The photographer, outfits, makeup, location - there's a lot to consider! In an ideal world you'd just rock up and effortlessly glide through the session bagging tons of killer shots. From my experience, it's not always smooth-sailing, even when working with professionals (and 'professionals'!). Fear not! Here are 5 tips that you can follow to empower you during the shoot and make sure you feel comfortable and confident!

1. Scout The Location

If you know the location beforehand and it's accessible to you, I recommend taking a trip there to get a feel for the surroundings. Ideally, the photographer will do this too and even better if you can go there together. This may not be necessary for simple shoots with one location or indoor studio shoots but for more adventurous locations it can be super beneficial. Note down any inspiration that comes from what you see. You might have chosen your wardrobe already but after seeing the scenery you may get some new ideas for colour combinations. While you're there, find the nearest bathroom! Honestly, there's nothing worse than getting to the next spot only to realize that nature's calling and you're a 15 minute trek away! You wont regret it.

2. Select Your Style

Styling is probably my favourite part of prepping for a shoot. If you're shooting for a brand and they have provided the outfits, you can prepare by trying them on, trying out different combinations and adding your own accessories. You can always research how to style the specific items so that you look your best in them. Make sure the items are pressed or ironed and free from stray threads.

If you're styling your own shoot, great! You have total creative freedom here. Don't worry if that scares the life out of you. Luckily the internet is full of creative styling ideas and tips. But where to start? I hear you. First, I would start with a concept, theme or even a colour. Some examples could be Monochrome, Vintage and Chic, 90's Trending etc. Another starting point could be working around a specific item or 'statement piece' a hat, parasol, skateboard! This can give you a great place to start.

Finally, if you're fortunate enough to have access to a stylist, amazing! Give yourself enough time to meet with them, have a fitting, and make any adjustments. Be vocal (but kind) when working with your stylist, its you who needs to feel comfortable in whatever you're wearing so don't be afraid to speak up if something isn't right.

3. Practice Posing

Posing is one of the more challenging parts of a shoot. If you're not a model (yet!) you might feel a little unsure of how to pose. You're not alone! I know models make it look effortless but the truth is that they have been practicing for a while. They might have taken lessons or just spent hours practicing in front of the mirror.

My advice would be to start practicing now (unless you're in public right now but I mean hey do you boo!) Take a look at some models on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, in fashion magazines and just, well, copy them! It might feel awkward at first but bang some music on, get dressed up, loosen up and go for it. This should be fun! Make sure its only positive affirmations playing in your head - you got this!

4. Hair & Make Up

Preparing your hair and make up for the shoot really depends on the type of shoot that you're doing. If your going to have professional hair and make up done for you before the shoot you can still prepare the basics. Sometimes there's limits on time and resources, especially for bigger shoots with more people so it's best to do what you can before you sit in their chair. Make sure your hair is clean, skin and lips exfoliated and moisturized, nails trimmed, cleaned and manicured. Getting enough sleep and water the days before a shoot is crucial. It will show if you're tired and dehydrated - the eyes don't lie!

If you're going solo on this mission I recommend giving yourself enough time to practice your look. Search some YouTube tutorials for hair and make up and follow along. If you're not the most skilled person in this area, keep it simple or you could always ask a friend or beauty counter assistant for help. Always take a few key items for touch ups... which brings me to my final tip - the bag!

Model: M Perkins

5. Secure The Bag

If you really want to feel fully prepared for your shoot, pack yourself a go-bag the day before. In your bag, strategically pack all of the things you think you'll need for the shoot. Make sure its organized, everything needs to be easy to access and sealed. No leaky foundation bottles! Travel-sized containers are great for shoot days, you want to pack as light as possible.

Roll any clothes neatly after ironing to avoid creasing and pack them in a separate waterproof bag - just in case! Run through your checklist to make sure you've got it all. Wipes, make up for touch ups, moisturizer, lip balm, compact mirror, powder, tissues, water bottle. Doing this the day before will help you relax and get the precious beauty sleep you want before the shoot.

There you have it! I hope this was helpful in preparing you for you photoshoot.

If you do these things you'll surely feel more prepared and confident about the shoot.

Want to see more? Check out my YouTube video about how I used these tips to help me 'Slay the Day' on a outdoor Fashion Shoot with 3 looks in Bangkok, Thailand.

Happy shooting!

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